Film Making

Make That WOW Moment In Your Film!

We all remember that very special memorable moment in our lives. It could be a happy moment when we are sparked with joy and sometimes a very sad moment when we are struck with grief.

In this moment, we are moved by our emotions and this stays with us throughout our lifetime. It is triggered back into our memory by the five senses that replays that filmic moment in our brains and takes us back down memory lane in a movie played in our minds and emotions.

Emotions in film are aroused by two of the five senses: sight and sound. So, create that emotional WOW moment in your film through that catchy memorable DIALOGUE or that EVERGREEN MUSIC.

It could be;

Laney walking down the stairs to the music of Sixpense None the Richer in “She’s all that” …or
Jack holding Rose’s hand in that “Never let go” moment in “Titanic” … or
The Go ahead make my day dialogue and Clint Eastwood’s facial expression in “Sudden Impact”
Films reflects our personal emotions. So go ahead … make your day!

Helping you make masterpieces… Bluey.

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